Yoga Playlist: Soon It Will Be Cold

Another playlist up and ready for you on 8tracks.

Soon It Will BE Cold: Domestikatie’s Playlist on 8tracksdomestikatie 8tracks yoga victoria bc


#guestagrammer for Destination BC :)

Starting June 2nd, our photos will be featured daily on Destination BC’s Instagram @hellobc for the entire week! We have taken some beautiful shots of the easily accessible nature surrounding Victoria, BC and of course included yoga. Follow @hellobc to see all of the new shots we have taken. Also check out their blog as the entire photo series will be featured there. So very honoured to contribute to an amazing gallery demonstrating the beauty that is present in this province. You can check out more beautiful photos of BC by using the hashtag #explorebc.

Branstand handstanding at Thetis Lake, Victoria BC


xo domestikatie

Get Outdoors: The Adventures of Domestikatie & Branstand- La Push, Washington

Over May long weekend we had the privilege to take the COHO Ferry across to Port Angeles, Washington. From there we went to Shelton, Washington to visit Brandon’s grandparents. Brandon is a dual citizen since his mom is a California girl. After Shelton, we headed to La Push, Washington for some camping and surfing. La Push is located on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. La Push is (unfortunately) most known for being featured in the Twilight series. I would prefer it to be know for the amazing landscape that makes you feel as if you are in a tropical location.

Side plank variation on Second Beach in La Push, Washington.

Side plank variation on Second Beach in La Push, Washington.

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New Photos Added to My Gallery

New photos added to my gallery. Check them out below. See the rest of my gallery by clicking here.

Practice: Headstand Backbend Flow

Such a beautiful Friday afternoon! Flowing from headstand to forearm wheel to wheel and then kick over to a forward fold. If you are working on kicking over from wheel I recommend practicing from a higher surface such as having your feet on blocks or even on a couch. From wheel with your feet elevated work on kicking over to a forward fold. As you improve then you can lower the elevation of the feet until they are on the floor.

Practice: Downward Dog to Handstand to Forward Fold

Short clip of me practicing jumping from downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) to handstand (adho mukha vrksasana) and lowering down to a forward fold (uttanasana). This can be done against a wall if you are nervous about jumping to far. One of the key things when practicing this is hand placement and engagement. Make sure that your index fingers are pointing forward and parallel with one another. Fingers should be spread wide and pushing firmly in to the base of the index finger and thumb. Finger tips should be gripping into the ground and the palm of your hand should feel a bit like a suction cup. Arms must stay straight and your core should be engaged. Start doing the exercise with bent legs and simply jumping into handstand and back to downward dog. Once you are able to get some hang time in handstand work to slowly lower your legs in between your hands.

The song playing in the video is Get Up and Go by Broadcast 2000.