katie thacker domestikatie

My name is Katie Thacker and I live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Victoria is on a majestic island called Vancouver Island. I live here with my partner Brandon, aka Branstand (he likes handstands). We love being out in nature and can usually be found handstanding on a beach or in a park near our home.

Domestikatie and Branstand

I am a Registered 200 Hr Yoga Teacher. I completed my training with Natalie Rousseau, based in Whistler. I started practicing yoga about 7 years ago. Throughout my life I was a competitive gymnast so the asana aspect of yoga came easily. I am definitely attracted to the more gymnastic like aspects of asana practice such as inversions, arm balances, and flow. I recently completed by 50 hour Yin training with Bernie Clark in Vancouver and have found a new love for slowing down. I am also certified to teach yoga nidra.

My yoga practice started on a very physical level at first, practicing only a few times a month and slowly increasing to a pretty much daily practice over the years. Now I practice yoga because it helps me to be a better person in all aspects of my life. Because of yoga, I am so much more grateful and appreciative for the people and things in my life. I am not afraid to express my love for the people around me. I live a healthy life and encourage healthy habits in the people I interact with. I have clarity in my thoughts and decisions. I feel grounded and balanced. I am continually improving. I feel and see the connection that we have to each other and all things on this earth.


As a yoga teacher, I hope that I can guide my students on their own path to a healthy and balanced life. I want to encourage a strong relationship with nature and a strong relationship with all people, because we are all on this earth together. Why not make it as beautiful and blissful as we can?

xo domestikatie

All posts on this blog are made by Katie Thacker


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