Weekly Inspiration: April 29th, 2014


This week I said goodbye to my grandpa, the last of my grandparents to pass away. As much as I will miss him, he is with my grandma now. I imagine them dancing through the sky feeling so much joy to be together again.
As I am sure many people can probably relate, the death of a loved one reminds me how precious every single person in my life is. It reminds me to make every effort I can to stay in touch and to see those important people. It reminds me to express my love to those people as well. To tell them how much I care about them and that I miss them and to mean EVERY word of it. I have so many amazing friends and family that live all over the world and we often go long periods without seeing each other. Those moments when I get to see them and it feels like we were never separated are irreplaceable. Life is so much easier when you exhale only love.

Shanti shanti shanti.

Xo domestikatie


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