Weekly Inspirations: April 1, 2014

Hanumanasana by Domestikatie at Mt Tolmie, Victoria BC

This week Sunrise Flow led towards the peak pose of hanumanasana or splits pose. Therefore I drew my inspiration from Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of perseverance and devotion, which is exactly what is required in order to do the splits! Looking at the above photo, I probably make doing the splits look easy BUT you have to remember that I was a competitive gymnast for the majority of my life and this did not come over night. It took many years and many tears of having my coaches force me deeper in the pose with no real awareness of alignment. So although I am flexible, alignment is a bitch for me and I am most likely going to have problems in the future due to over stretching as a child. Remember that this pose takes years and years of opening the hips from all angles. Many people hold their stress in their hips, especially women, so different feelings can come up when opening your hips. Years of stress, old worries, old thought patterns, unresolved pain, any emotions you have packed away all slowly loosen and begin to release as you practice this pose. A lot of times in class when working towards hanumanasana anger arises. Breathe through it. Let the feelings pass. Let the stress leave your body. Two words can get you through: perseverance and devotion. Persevere knowing that by opening your hips you are releasing that old built up stress and it is good for your body and your mind. Devote yourself to your practice because it makes you a better person in all aspects of your life and sets a good example to encourage others in your life to do the same. Come back to your breath, take a look outside and remember how lucky we all are to be alive in this beautiful world.

xo domestikatie


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