Living Gluten Free: Victoria’s Best Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options

I am blessed to live in a city that offers so much choice for those of us with limited diets. I also happen to live mere minutes from most of these amazing restaurants and cafes. Here are some of my favorite places offering gluten free and vegetarian options.

1. Be Love Restaurant (1019 Blanshard Street): The entire menu at this restaurant is gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free and it isn’t gluten free because they use food product substitutes. Its gluten free because they cook with whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible and gluten products don’t fit that category. It is amazing to be able to go and order anything I want off the menu. They are so extremely creative with every meal they offer and the menu changes seasonally. My favorite sweet so far s the karma bar.

2. Bubby Rose’s Bakery (1022 Cook Street) & Bubby’s Kitchen (355 Cook Street): Bubby’s is definitely a guilty pleasure. They offer some of the best gluten free treats in the city. On the top of my list are the chocolate quinoa cupcake and quinoa sandwich, as well as the banana rice loaf and espresso brownie. All of them are filled with sugar but sometimes you just have to say f*ck it and enjoy yourself!  Their menu also includes fabulous gluten free pizza with creative toppings and you can buy the dough to make pizzas at home. They also offer gluten free buns and bread for any menu item that requires it.

3. Origins Bakery (1525 Pandora Ave): Origins seems to be the number one distributor of fresh gluten free goods in the city. Most restaurants that offer gluten free bread or buns get them from here. The entire bakery is certified gluten free. I have really grown to enjoy their buns and the english muffins that are offered at some restaurants. My Origins favorite is definitely the gluten free sour dough. I don’t buy it often because its one of those things that will get devoured in one day even though it should last closer to 5 days. Although their bread is awesome, Origins is not my first choice for sweets.

4.Ingredients Apple Cafe (2031 Store Street): Ingredients offers some amazing gluten free muffins. Fresh baked each day and always packed with fresh fruit and spices. My favorite is definitely the apple ginger muffin. The also have daily lunch specials that always offer gluten free options. They use organic, whole food for all of their menu items and have tons of vegan options as well. 

6. La Taquisa (1017 Blanshard Street): La Taquisa is my go to for gluten free, vegetarian tacos. Their soft taco shells are handmade with corn flour. I usually choose a combination of the rajas and bean and cheese tacos. Gluten free seems to be a priority for them and instead of labelling the menu with the items that don’t contain gluten, they label the ones that do contain gluten.

7. Tibetan Kitchen (680 Broughton Street): Tibetan kitchen offers a few great gluten free and vegan options. The vegetable pakoras are made with chickpea flour and come with mango chutney. We always get an awesome assortment of veggies too including yam, zucchini, kale, and onion. They have a great vegan curry thats made with a cashew base. Its a super rich meal and their menu doesn’t change often so this is a once or twice a year kind of restaurant for us.

8. Bin 4 Burger Lounge (911 Yates Street): Bin 4 is probably Brandon’s favorite place to eat. They have a great gluten free bean patty that can be substituted in for meat on any of their burgers and they also offer gluten free buns. They have a tofu burger as well but I try to avoid soy as much as I can so that is not usually my choice. If you go to Bin 4 after 9pm they offer half price burgers with the purchase of any drink (non-alcoholic too).

I will continue to update this list as I find new places and I am totally open to recommendations!

xo domestikatie


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