Tuesday Morning Sunrise Flow: Why I want to offer affordable yoga

yoga: three legged dog. domestikatie

Starting this Tuesday, March 11th, I will be teaching a sunrise flow from 7-8am. The studio is located it 841 Fisgard Street and is a big beautiful studio with 3 skylights, lovely hardwood floors, and mirrors along the front of the class. The price for the class is a $10 drop-in fee or a 5 class card can be purchased for $35 which makes it only $7 a class. I really want to make my yoga classes affordable because yoga is so damn expensive!! There are numerous studios that offer community or karma classes by donation one evening a week but other than that yoga only becomes affordable if you are able to practice 4-5 times a week using unlimited memberships. There are very few options for people that are only able to practice once or a twice a week or are new to yoga and not ready to commit to a monthly membership. There are so many reason out there  for people not to have a regular practice and I think that the cost is a huge barrier for many people. I hope that I can offer an affordable practice to those looking for another option. If there is enough interest then I also plan on teaching a Thursday morning class for the same cost and at the same location.  I hope for my students to gain strength, flexibility, body awareness, mindfulness, nourishment, and a sense of community and support from the classes that I offer. Don’t have a yoga mat? I have extra. and you can use it for free. Don’t have a block or a strap? I have those too and will encourage you to use them every class to deepen your practice. I am working to remove barriers and excuses to encourage people to feel good about practicing yoga.

So if you know anyone, or you are someone, who is looking for an affordable yoga practice with a passionate and dedicated teacher then please send them my way. Feel free to facebook me (Domestikatie Life), instagram me(@domestikatie_), email me (katiethackeryoga@gmail.com), or talk to me on the street if you have any questions.  Oh and check out the gallery below to see photos of the space we will be practicing in 🙂 All photo credit to Catherine Bridge who you can check out here .

xo domestikatie


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