Get Outdoors: The Adventures of Domestikatie and Branstand – Killarney Lake

Mossy feet at Killarney Lake, Victoria BC

On a rainy Saturday we took a trip to Killarney Lake. Killarney Lake is just Northwest of Prospect Lake in West Saanich and is part of Mount Work Park. I would definitely consider it to be a secret lake as very few people know about, which means no crowds in the summer time! It is also about a 20-25 minute walk from any parking areas and is not very kid friendly which prevents it from getting crowded. Killarney Lake is a great area for bouldering and mountain biking as well as swimming. There is a cliff for cliff jumping and even a rope swing (which Bran is a big fan of in the summertime).  Its a great lake for just floating on an air mattress or dingy in the sunshine.

Branstand overlooking Killarney Lake, Victoria BC

There is always plenty of wildlife around. There were between 7-10 bald eagles hanging out around the edge of the lake when we were there on the weekend! Because of the fresh rain everything was so lush and mossy. The perimeter of the lake is very swampy and there are areas where you must hike across small streams and make-shift bridges. The forest in this area is dominated by arbutus trees and douglas fir. Arbutus trees have always been so beautiful to me, especially when they shed their bark! We took some time for a quick yoga session overlooking the lake.

Acro yoga or partner yoga, high flying whale stretch at Killarney Lake, Victoria BC

We have been working on our acro yoga poses. This one feels so amazing for me especially because I work at a desk for the majority of my work day.  Bran obviously did some handstands as well.

Brandstand handstanding at Killarney Lake, Victoria BC

If your looking for a quiet place to go, listen to the birds and smell the fresh air this is the place to go. It is only about a 25-30 minute drive from downtown Victoria so it is a quick get away.  Doesn’t leave much room for excuses why you can’t get outside and enjoy nature when there is so much beauty at your door step.

Conquering fears on our way to Killarney Lake, Victoria BC

I enjoy spending time in nature like this because it grounds me, allows me to forget about worries and negativity, cleanses my mind (and my lungs with all that fresh air), and reminds me that I should appreciate every bit of nature ALL THE TIME! I hope that I can encourage this appreciation in other because I believe that it could benefit the entire planet if we were all just a bit more grateful for mother nature. Isn’t she amazing? Te amo pachamama ♥

xo domestikatie and branstand

All the photos were taken by Catherine Bridge. Check her out here.


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