Practice: Transitioning from Side Plank to Splits

Transitioning from a side plank variation (vasisthasana utthita padangusthasana) to splits (hanumanasana). It is important in this transition that your balancing arm is slightly externally rotated to keep your should stable on your back. Your bicep should be rotating forwards in the direction of the top of your head. Fingers should be spread wide and finger tips gripping into the floor. Core is strong and hips are lifting up towards the ceiling. Your bottom leg must be solid and the foot should be very strong and flexed. Hug your bottom hand and foot energetically towards each other as if you are trying to wrinkle the mat in between. As you are transitioning to hanumanasana, hug your naval to your midline, use arm strength to keep the top leg up and move it around in front of your face as you square your hips to the floor. Keep hugging the bottom foot and hand towards each other and breathe! The gracefulness will come with time ❤ Good luck.


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